Base Study Rates

Antibacterial Approx. cost/animal*
Septicemia Infection (Mouse) $140
Subcutaneous Abscess (Mouse) $280
Superficial Skin Infection (Mouse) $300
Biofilm Catheter Implant (Mouse) $490
Prosthetic Joint Infection (Mouse) $400
Acute Lung Infection (Mouse) $270
Acute Lung Infection (Rabbit) $1,600
Chronic Lung Infection (Mouse) $335
Central Venous Catheter Infection (Rat) $735
Clostridioides difficle model (Hamster) $790
Murine Thigh Infection Model (Mouse) $260
Urinary Tract Infection (Mouse) $330
Endocarditis (Rat) $780
Pharmacokinetics (Rat) $855
Pharmacokinetics (Mouse) $151
Sepsis (Infant Rat) $445
Intrauterine Infection(mouse)  $511
Systemic infection $350
Cutaneous Infection $320


  • All studies are designed to meet the requirements of the Sponsor, actual study budget will vary based on multiple design factors such as but not limited to: strain of animal being used, animal source/vendor, dose regimen being used, formulation requirements, endpoint parameter(s), study timeline, samples (tissues) and processing, plating media, personnel required, dose route, diagnostic tests (if applicable), number of time points, method development