In vivo Base Study Rates


Antibacterial Model Species Approx. cost/animal*
Septicemia Infection Mouse $184
Subcutaneous Abscess Mouse $335
Superficial Skin Infection Mouse $366
Biofilm Catheter Implant Mouse $557
Prosthetic Joint Infection Mouse $491
Acute Lung Infection Mouse $341
Acute Lung Infection Rabbit $2,200
Chronic Lung Infection Mouse $408
Central Venous Catheter Infection Rat $878
Clostridioides difficle Hamster $960
Murine Thigh Infection Mouse $348
Urinary Tract Infection Mouse $377
Endocarditis Rat $781
Pharmacokinetics Rat $1,100
Pharmacokinetics Mouse $257
Neonatal Sepsis Rat $463
Intrauterine Mouse $592
Antifungal Model
Systemic infection Mouse $422
Cutaneous Infection Mouse $335
Laboratory Time
ELISA / LCMS / Cytokine $90/hr






  • All studies are designed to meet the requirements of the Sponsor, actual study budget will vary based on multiple design factors such as but not limited to: strain of animal being used, animal source/vendor, dose regimen being used, formulation requirements, endpoint parameter(s), study timeline, samples (tissues) and processing, plating media, personnel required, dose route, diagnostic tests (if applicable), number of time points, sample shipment, outsourced tests, method development.