What Are My Options?

Option 1: Pursue Formal Internal Disciplinary Charges

  • The process will be explained in detail by the Title IX Coordinator and UNTHSC Police.
  • Any available evidence is collected and witnesses are interviewed.
  • Please keep in mind that the length of the investigation varies and is based on circumstances.
  • Once the investigation of the complaint is complete, the report
    is forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator for follow-up and adjudication by the Student Code of Conduct Committee.

Information on the Student Code of Conduct Committee:

  • Made up of Student Affairs Administrators and UNTHSC Faculty and Students.
  • Serves as a panel that adjudicates alleged violations of UNTHSC policy.
  • Once the investigation report is received, they hear witness
    testimony both in support of and in defense of the charge of sexual
  • The complainant and respondent attend and each speak on his/her
    behalf and may be accompanied by an internal Adviser. Know that the
    complainant may be in a separate room from the respondent during the
  • After hearing witness testimony, the committee meets in a closed
    session to determine if the respondent is responsible for the charges,
    based upon the preponderance of evidence standard. If the respondent is
    found in violation of UNTHSC policy, the appropriate sanction is
  • Both the complainant and respondent are notified simultaneously and in writing of the hearing outcome as soon as it is known.

Option 2: Pursue Informal Internal Disciplinary Charges

  • If an individual wishes to utilize informal procedures, they may
    meet with the Title IX Coordinator or appropriate
    designee. During this meeting, the process and options available to the
    student will be explained.

Option 3: Pursue Criminal Charges

  • The process is conducted in a similar fashion to Option 1 with
    the following exceptions: the investigation is conducted by the UNTHSC
    Police with assistance from the Title IX Coordinator,
    and the completed investigation is then forwarded to the Tarrant County
    District Attorney for possible prosecution.

Option 4: Pursue Formal or Informal Internal Disciplinary Charges, In Addition To Criminal Charges

  • The processes outlined in Options 1, 2, and 3 occur
    simultaneously. The internal and criminal adjudication processes occur

For an expanded version of the policy and available options, please visit https://app.unthsc.edu/policies

This page was last modified on October 1, 2017