What are my Options?

Option 1: Pursue Formal Internal Disciplinary Charges

  • The process will be explained in detail by the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Any available evidence is collected and witnesses are interviewed.
  • Please keep in mind that the length of the investigation varies and is based on circumstances.
  • Once the investigation of the complaint is complete, the investigators forward the report to the Title IX Coordinator for review and adjudication by the Student Conduct Officer.
  • The Student Conduct Officer will meet with the Complainant and Respondent separately to allow for review and response to the report of investigation.
  • Following the conduct conferences, if the Student Conduct Officer determines that based on all the available information that the Preponderance of the Evidence indicates that the student engaged in misconduct in violation of the Code, the Student Conduct Officer will deliver a Notice of Disciplinary Findings and Sanctions to the student informing the student of the violation and the assigned sanction(s).
  • The Notice of Disciplinary Findings and Sanctions will be delivered in writing simultaneously to the Complainant and Respondent. The Notice will include the procedures for the Complainant and the Respondent to appeal the results of the disciplinary findings and sanctions; any changes in the results before they become final; and when the results become final.

Option 2: Pursue Informal Internal Disciplinary Charges

  • If an individual wishes to utilize informal procedures, they may¬†meet with the Title IX Coordinator or appropriate party.
  • During this meeting, the process and options available to the student will be explained.

Option 3: Pursue Criminal Charges

  • The process is conducted in a similar fashion to Option 1 with the following exceptions: the investigation is conducted by the UNTHSC Police with assistance from the Title IX Coordinator, and the completed investigation is then forwarded to the Tarrant County District Attorney for possible prosecution.

Option 4: Pursue Formal or Informal Internal Disciplinary Charges, In Addition To Criminal Charges

  • The processes outlined in Options 1, 2, and 3 occur
  • The internal and criminal adjudication processes occur¬†independently.

For an expanded version of the policy and available options, please visit https://app.unthsc.edu/policies