Sexual Assault Support

We will provide you with any support you may want in response to an incident of sexual misconduct. You can be assured that your situation will be regarded as confidential. You should also know that you have other options, and not all of them will be able to promise confidentiality as the university will have been put on notice that an incident occurred. In all cases, we will try to respect your wishes as much as we are able to legally.

If you need information provided in other accessible formats or accommodations to access any of our services, please contact the Division of Student Affairs at 817-735-2505 and they will be provided upon request.


STRICTLY Confidential: Conversations are all confidential and can be anonymous. Except in rare, extreme circumstances, nothing will be shared without Complainant’s explicit permission.

MOSTLY Confidential: Conversations are kept as confidential as possible, but limited information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators and a Title IX Coordinator so that the University can take action if necessary for reasons of safety. In planning any response, the wishes of the Complainant are given full consideration.

Campus Resources

Mostly confidential

  • Care Team: 817-735-2740
  • UNTHSC Police: 817-735-2600
  • Dr. Trisha Van Duser, Title IX Coordinator: 817-735-2508, SSC 223
  • Dr. Nicki McGee, Director, Student Services (Student Conduct Officer): 817-735-2069

Strictly confidential

  • WellConnect Student Assistance Program: 866-640-4777
  • Student Health: 817-735-5051

Off Campus Resources

Strictly confidential

  • John Peter Smith Hospital (Fort Worth): 817-702-2839
  • Parkland Hospital (Dallas): 214-590-8000

According to Texas State Law

  • Fort Worth Police Department (non-emergency): 817-335-4222
  • Dallas Police Department (non-emergency): 214-744-4444
  • Denton Police (non-emergency): 940-349-8181

This website is a resource to provide information and support for anyone who may have been a victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment. The Resource menu at the top of the page can help you better understand your options. If you feel that you have been subjected to sexual assault or sexual misconduct, please click on the Getting Help link for more information.

Sexual Assault or Sexual Misconduct are serious acts against UNTHSC’s Student Code of Conduct and Discipline and may be committed by men against women, women against men, men against men, and women against women. Please click on the links at the top of the page for more information.

Getting help is important. If you have been sexually assaulted, or think you have been sexually assaulted, the first thing you may want to do is call the police. For more information, click the “Getting Help” link at the top of the page.

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This page was last modified on March 1, 2019