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Our Values

Courageous Integrity

Model exceptional standards and act in the best interest of our community.

  • Build trust through consistent actions that are honest, transparent, and authentic.
  • Provide, accept, and support open and constructive feedback.
  • Hold yourself and others accountable for decisions, behaviors, actions, and results.

Be Curious

Cultivate opportunities for learning, creating, discovering, and innovating.

  • Question the conventional with creative solutions.
  • Engage in new experiences for learning and growth.
  • Take strategic risk and learn from failure and success.
  • Pursue collaborative opportunities.

We Care

Champion a people-first approach to building relationships and community.

  • Cultivate authentic connections that have a meaningful impact.
  • Share expertise and resources.
  • Recognize contributions and celebrate success.
  • Help at least one person every day.

Better Together

Foster an inclusive environment of respect, belonging, and access for all

  • Develop awareness and understanding of different experiences.
  • Respect diversity of people, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.
  • Support opportunities to remove barriers to equity and inclusion.

Show Your Fire

Exhibit passion and pride in the experiences we create.

  • Go beyond the ordinary and surpass expectations.
  • Be prepared, be present, and actively participate.
  • Promote enthusiastic engagement.
  • Cultivate a positive environment and find opportunities for fun and recognition.


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