Message from the Executive Team

Welcome to Our Values site. These values define how we act and work together to reach our goals at the UNT Health Science Center.

Our Values are based on the concept of True North. This term refers to the internal moral compass we each possess. The north arrow of the compass points to the values and principles that guide and inspire us to do the right thing – even if no one is looking.

We believe all Health Science Center team members developed their individual True North during their formative years. We wanted to build on the values we have in common and took an extraordinary approach: We surveyed our team members, held focus group sessions and formed a cross-functional, diverse values blueprint team to identify the values we already share.

The team defined these values and developed associated behaviors – actions – that indicate when we are at our best.  Together the values, definitions and behaviors form “Our Values,” the document that guides our values journey. Not only do these common values promote a work environment in which we all are comfortable, but also an atmosphere in which we can best achieve:

  • Our mission: Create solutions for a healthier community
  • Our Vision: One university, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future.
  • Our purpose: Transform lives in order to improve the lives of others

The foundation of Our Values is trust, something we all must work to earn and we all must be willing to give.

We’re not stopping here. Our goal is to align Our Values with everyone with whom we interact: students, team members, patients, vendors and community members. Come join us on our journey.

Our Values


Encourage growth, well-being and success of each other and people we serve

  • Empower one another to make values-based decisions
  • Consider the impact of your decisions
  • Be good stewards of people and resources
  • Demonstrate compassion, care and humility
  • Promote individual potential


Uphold the highest ethical standards

  • Do what is right, not just what is easy – even if no one is looking
  • Conduct ourselves with honesty, trustworthiness and dependability
  • Be transparent in actions
  • Own, correct and learn from successes and failures
  • Demonstrate loyalty to our mission and vision


Treat everyone with dignity and compassion

  • Gratefully acknowledge contributions and efforts of others
  • Invite other perspectives and encourage dialogue
  • Communicate openly in a timely, courteous and relevant manner
  • Promote diversity of thought, ideas and people
  • Build trust by honoring our word through actions


Work together to achieve shared goals

  • Combine our strengths to discover new ideas and share best practices
  • Seek opportunities to engage others and break through barriers
  • Inspire one another to be more, collectively, than the sum of our individual parts
  • Give, ask for and value feedback
  • Recognize the contributions of others and celebrate successes


Create innovative solutions in the pursuit of excellence

  • Respectfully challenge the way things have always been done
  • Create unique ways to provide remarkable service
  • Navigate change to move us forward
  • Proactively implement new ideas
  • Take thoughtful risks

Access a PDF copy of Our Values.

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