Trust is a Must!

UNTHSC President Dr. Michael Williams reflects on the foundation of Our Values: Trust.  He describes the importance of trust in building a team of choice that can aspire to, and become, extraordinary.

Student Values Video: Our Values Pledge

We all have an opportunity to help UNTHSC be the Team of Choice for Education, Discovery and Healthcare. It starts with a commitment to live Our Values every day. Listen as our students describe Our Values and make a formal commitment to our values-based culture by taking Our Values Pledge.

Launching Our Values Journey

Fifty UNT Health Science Center team members gathered to select the values, definitions and behaviors that will guide our transformation to a values-based culture.


When is UNTHSC at its best? When we live up to our five values: Serve Others First, Integrity, Respect, Collaboration and Be Visionary. We pledge to become the team of choice for education, discovery and health care, using these values in every Interaction with students, patients, the community and each other. Our teammates explain them in this video.

Attributes of Success

Several attributes of success come with being a values-based organization.

Attributes of Success, Part Two

Dr. Michael Williams continues his discussion about attributes of success that come with creating an extraordinary, values-based organization.