Pre-Arrival/New Incoming Students

Once you have accepted an offer of admission into a UNTHSC program, you will need to complete the Initial Attendance I-20 Request form. If you are bringing with you a dependent, you will also need to complete the Dependent I-20 Request. Please refer to the Cost of Attendance budget sheets for your specific program to determine the amount for which you must provide financial documentation. If you have questions about these forms or the required documentation, please e-mail the International Services Office. After your I-20 has been issued, please refer to the Express Mailing Instructions in order to have your I-20 shipped to you. Once you have received your I-20, you will need to obtain your F-1 visa. For more information on that process click HERE.

Each semester, the International Services Office coordinates International Student Orientation. This is a mandatory event for all incoming International students. Our office works closely with representatives from each school to ensure that all aspects of transitioning to the United States and to Fort Worth are addressed. Some of these topics include:

*Getting around in Fort Worth
* On-campus Employment
* Personal Hygiene
* Professionalism
* Ethics and Academic Integrity
* Getting involved on Campus
* Aspects of the Academic Calendar
* Texas Weather and Holidays
* Basics of Insurance Terminology
* Money-saving Tips for Shopping in America
* American Customs and Traditions
* What to Expect in the American Classroom

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