Master of Health Administration (MHA)

CAHMETIGHTWhether serving in a hospital, medical group practice, government agency, non-profit or corporate environment, use your professional skills to benefit patients and the community.

When problems arise, use your skill-set to help bring the right solution to bear. Data may direct you to the right opportunity to affect change. People will energize you and you will enjoy that chance to bring out your team’s best traits.

Join us at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, a graduate only campus in the center of Fort Worth, Texas. Here you’ll bond with a small cohort of like-minded students, complete a rigorous program in just 2 years and launch a lifelong career. As the only CAHME accredited program exclusively based in North Texas and the first MHA program in the nation to partner with the National Association for Healthcare Quality and fully integrate a pathway to Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) into its curriculum, the MHA program at HSC is an efficient and effective program that will transform you into a leader who can and will affect meaningful change in health systems and outcomes.

Mission, Vision and Values

We improve the human condition through health care leadership. We prepare practicing and aspiring professionals and leaders to influence change and improve quality across the care continuum. Our scholarship creates innovative solutions to advance the health of communities.
We transform lives, organizations, and communities through health care leadership education and scholarship. Our program will be the trusted leader in providing health care management talent to North Texas, universally recognized as a premier source of training and scholarship.
Serve Others First, Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Be Visionary.

About the Program

The Master of Health Administration program is designed to prepare you for effective organizational management based on competencies and evidence-based practices needed to become an exceptional manager and leader. The program is also committed to the improvement of health services through health services research and community engagement within complex health-related organizations.

Cohort Full-time. The Master of Health Administration Program is a cohort-style program. Students take 54 credit hours over the course of 5 semesters. Students complete the program in a pre-determined sequence and pace. This is shown to improve student success and completion rates, offer strong networking opportunities between students and develop quality relationships with program faculty.

  • Fall Entrance. Admission is only offered in the Fall semester. There are no spring or summer start options.
  • Small Class Sizes. The MHA cohort program is an on-campus program.

Online. The Master of Health Administration program offered online is a 48-credit-hour program offered in eight-week terms.

  • Entry: Admission is offered in the Fall or Spring semesters.

SPH Professional Development and IPE Programs. Students participate in weekly professional development sessions which consist of additional career and field prep programs. Programs range from alumni panels to networking, coaching and guest speakers specific to studies. IPE (interprofessional education) activities bring students from across university schools together for cross-disciplinary training. Students gain experience in collaborative work with professionals in real-life scenarios.

Competencies. The Master of Health Administration Program has adopted the National Center for Healthcare Leadership competencies model. Three competency domains (Transformation, Execution and People) and nineteen competencies within those domains guide the MHA Program curriculum. By the conclusion of the MHA program, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and application in 12 competencies

Advisory Council – Since its establishment in 2010, the MHA advisory council has helped to shape the structure and direction of the MHA program. The council is made up of key stakeholders in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area, who share an expertise of health care management, as well as a commitment to educating the next generation of health care leaders. Their input and engagement is helping to make the UNTHSC MHA program the best in Texas.

Professional Partners. The MHA program maintains relationships with a variety of professional partners health care sites and organizations.

Internship Experience

MHA cohort students complete an intensive, hands-on experience with local health systems or hospitals prior to graduation.

UNTHSC places students with organizations based on their field and career goals. Students spend 2 semesters in a part-time placement with an approved health service organization, under the guidance of a qualified preceptor. Through this hands-on training experience, students complete a significant project on behalf of the organization. This could entail project management of a complex deliverable, redesign of a system level process or analyzing a deep data set for actionable change.

From this professional field experience, you will gain a professional reference, interview discussion material and new confidence in your career path. The MHA Internship program is managed under the direction of the MHA Program Director in cooperation with program faculty, students and preceptors (supervisors) in the field.

Internships enable Students to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To observe and understand the leadership and managerial style of the preceptor
  • To understand the overall design and Interrelationships of the individual parts of the organization’s structure
  • To contribute to the “real output” of the organization by participating in relevant projects
  • To practice serving as a “real health care manager” within the organization
  • To understand the internal and external environment in which the organization functions


Click below for a look at our MHA coursework:

Cost, Scholarship, & Financial Aid

Total program tuition and fees cost estimates are available via the Office of Student Finance. Note the available pre-calculated charts by college and degree plan.

Scholarship opportunities are available for cohort applicants. All applications complete and verified in SOPHAS or HAMPCAS by March 15 (priority deadline) will be considered, no additional application is required.   We suggest submitting your application by February 15 to allow time for SOPHAS verification.

Students with outstanding academic achievements may qualify for the Dean, President or Chancellor’s awards of $2,000 or more awarded over the 2 year program. This award may qualify non-resident students for in-state tuition.

UNTHSC has limited GA, RA & TA positions. MPH, MHA & MS students may apply for positions following admission. Work hours are capped at 19 hours a week. Available positions do not carry tuition/fee waivers.

Financial Aid is available to support tuition, fees and living expenses. Average loans taken for UNTHSC School of Public Health students are shared by the Financial Aid office. Loans taken may extend beyond the actual cost of the program to include living expense assistance. Contact Financial Aid for specific questions and counseling.

International students are required to have insurance coverage while attending HSC. You can learn more about the Student Health Insurance plans here.

If you have specific questions, please contact the UNT Health Science Center Financial Aid Office via:

Graduation & Employment Rates

Graduation Rates: Employment Rates:
  • 2019 – 2020: 92%
  • 2020 – 2021: 90%
  • 2021 – 2022: 94%
  • 2019 – 2020: 100%
  • 2020 – 2021: 82%
  • 2021 – 2022: 94%

MHA Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MHA?
The MHA program prepares students for effective organizational management based on competencies and evidence-based practices needed to become exceptional managers and leaders in health care organizations. The 54-credit hour curriculum is designed for aspiring and committed professionals who are interested in careers in health services administration in such settings as hospitals; managed care organizations; medical group practices; ambulatory, long-term care, insurance and pharmaceutical companies; consulting firms; government agencies; for-profit and nonprofit sector organizations.

The MHA degree focuses on the organization and effective and efficient management of health services organizations within dynamic policy and competitive market environments. The central focus of course material is on organization, operation and financing of the health services organization and on the development of a strong set of business management skills for application within the market-based health care environment. In essence, an MHA is a business degree that focuses on the intricacies of the health care industry and prepares students to lead their organizations to meet, and even exceed, the needs of their communities.

How long does it take to earn an MHA degree in the cohort program?
The MHA program follows a cohort model, students will progress through the program together completing their degree requirements in five semesters (including summer). Part-time curriculum is not available.

How many credit hours are required for the MHA cohort degree?
The MHA program is a 54-credit hour program.

What should I expect from graduate studies?
The mission of the MHA program is to start early career students on a path toward becoming exceptional managers and leaders. This requires not only a foundational knowledge of the health care industry but, more importantly to develop competencies (hyperlinked) critical to success in the field. To do so, students, will have the opportunity to learn by participation in team-based learning, case studies, analysis of real-world data, simulations and external field experiences. To assess progress, the MHA program and faculty utilize a blend of traditional assessment methods to test knowledge and higher-order assessments to test competency attainment through class discussions, reflective learning, peer assessments, presentations, internship preceptor feedback, policy briefs, financial modeling and oral presentations.

Is the UNTHSC MHA program CAHME accredited?
Yes! Our program is DFW’s first CAHME-accredited program.  In addition, the UNTHSC School of Public Health is accredited by the  Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

What does a holistic review of an application mean?
The Masters Admission Committee reviews all previous academic coursework, standardized test scores, relevant experience and personal references. Furthermore, the committee assesses the alignment between the mission of the MHA Program and the applicant’s career goals, including articulation of how the UNTHSC MHA will help achieve those goals.

What is the cohort MHA internship and when do students complete it?
Each student in the UNTHSC-SPH MHA Cohort Program is required to complete a full-time internship (up to 2 semesters) in an approved health services organization under the guidance of a qualified preceptor. The purpose of this internship is to provide the student with a “real world” experience in which to apply concepts and models learned in the classroom; to enable an appreciation of the complexity of organizations and the individuals that comprise them; and to provide insights for further development of skills and knowledge during the student’s remaining time in the program. The MHA internship program is managed under the direction of the MHA Program Director in cooperation with program faculty, students and preceptors in the field.

All internships are designed to enable students to accomplish the following objectives:
To observe and understand the leadership and managerial style of the preceptor;
To understand the overall design and interrelationships of the individual parts of the organization’s structure;
To contribute to the “real output” of the organization by participating in relevant projects;
To practice serving as a “real health care manager” within the organization; and
To understand the internal and external environment in which the organization functions.

I don’t have any health care experience. What opportunities or resources are available prior to the internship?
Our MHA program encourages students to participate in a number of professional and interprofessional activities to help students prepare for their internship and futures as health care leaders. Students are required to participate in professional and academic development sessions. Students are also encouraged to join a professional organization such as ACHE ( ), MGMA ( ) or HFMA ( ).  As part of the program, students are able to meet local health executives and administrators, participate in workshops to help define their career goals, building competency within their professions and increasing their knowledge and skills to excel academically and professionally.

What types of funding is available for master students?
Scholarships are available to new full-time incoming students each fall semester. These awards are given out based on prior academic performance. To be considered for the scholarships applicants must have completed, submitted and verified by the application service ( SOPHAS or HAMPCAS) by the March 15th priority application deadline to be considered. That means all application materials must be received by the application service well enough in advance for the service to complete the coursework verification and release the application to the university.

The competitive scholarship qualifies an out-of-state or foreign resident for an out-of-state residency tuition waiver for the designated award year(s). Waivers are limited and awarded on a first come, first serve basis. 

What types of job opportunities are available to MHA graduates?
Many of our graduates go on to work in hospitals, health systems, medical clinics, physicians’ practices, VA facilities, long-term care facilities, home health agencies or do consulting work. They hold management staff positions, staff specialist or staff support positions and senior staff positions.

What support is available to international students?
Office of Student and Academic Services and our International Services offer support and resources for our international students.

Who should I contact if I don’t see the answers to my questions?
If you have specific questions about the MHA program or curriculum contact:

Dr. Catherine Sembajwe-Reeves
MHA Program Director and Assistant Professor, Health Administration & Health Policy

If you have specific questions about admissions please contact: | (817) 735-2003



The UNT Health Science Center School of Public Health is accredited by both the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education and the Council on Education for Public Health.