Tuition and Fees

The information in this web site is provided to better assist students in assessing the cost of enrolling at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (HSC). While this information is intended to be comprehensive, tuition and fees, are subject to increase or decrease by action of the Texas Legislature and/or the Board of Regents of University of North Texas. Students are responsible for any additional amounts due HSC resulting from post audits and corrections, including all fees and waivers; i.e. registration assessing errors, changing from off-campus to on-campus classes, invalid employment waivers, etc.

HSC is a state-supported institution and, as such, is subject to state laws. Since state law prohibits the extension of credit, all financial obligations to the university must be made when due. The university cannot cash checks made payable to it and the student. Checks made payable to the university and the student can be applied to a student’s account balance after obtaining the proper endorsement.

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All fees listed are subject to change


Board Authorized Tuition (§54.008)
Board authorized tuition must be approved by the governing board of the institution. It cannot be higher than the statutory rate.

Designated Tuition (§54.0513)
Designated tuition allows the institution to determine the rate per semester credit hour to be charged. Designated tuition is charged in addition to the statutory and board authorized tuition. Designated tuition must be used to support the academic mission of the institution but maintains more flexibility than statutory tuition. The Board of Regents must approve designated tuition rates.

Excess Hours Tuition (§54.012)
Doctoral students who take more than 130 semester credit hours to complete their degree will be subject to out-of-state tuition rates.

Statutory Tuition (§54.051)
Statutory tuition rates are set by the Legislature. Tuition generated from statutory tuition must be deposited in the State Treasury and expenditures from these funds are subject to state expenditure guidelines.

Thank you for stopping by. We are in the process of updating the new AY23/24 tuition rates. We hope to have them updated as soon as possible.