Family Medicine Residency Program

JPS Family Medicine Residency Program

JPS Family Medicine Residency was one of the first programs in the nation to develop a three-year Family Medicine Residency training program with a history of being a noted innovator in Family Medicine education. In 2000, the JPS Family Medicine Residency was the first County Hospital based program to start a Geriatrics Fellowship. This Fellowship was developed in collaboration with the Geriatrics Section at the UNTHSC and has grown from one fellow in 2000 to four Fellows annually in 2015. The JPS Family Medicine Residency has also been an innovator in providing an opportunity for residents to select a Geriatrics Track. The Geriatrics Track has proven to be value added since many graduates of the JPS residency go on to practice in rural and underserved communities where it is necessary to have the knowledge, attitude and skills in geriatrics care.

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UNTHSC/TCOM-Plaza-Family Medicine Residency Program

The Family Medicine Residency Program, which started in 2003, is based at Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth, TX, a Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) facility, has been accredited by the American Osteopathic Association and is moving towards the unified Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accreditation after 2015. This will bring in alignment requirements across all osteopathic and allopathic Family Medicine Programs.

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What is WE HAIL Doing?

The WE HAIL program serves as an opportunity to enhance the geriatrics education for Family Medicine Residents as key to providing the care for older adults that is needed. The goal is that enhanced exposure to geriatrics may actually motivate some family medicine residents to remain for additional training in geriatrics.

The WE HAIL Program will develop and integrate the following geriatrics content into these residency programs.

As of now, over 50 family medicine residents are aware of community evidence based programs and resources so they are able to refer patients for these free programs. Over 10 family medicine residents are receiving additional training in geriatrics and conducting a quality improvement project at long term care facilities.

Testimonials from Family Medicine Residents:

“I will refer my patients’ families over here {Alzheimer’s Association} to get a little bit more of an Insight on their family member’s disease.”

“[I will] Make sure instructions are clear.  Possibly write out instructions, print out updated medication lists with instructions…something to help the patient remember what they need to do.”

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