Foster grandparent program seeks volunteers 55 and older

Texans aged 55 and older with limited income and a heart for serving children are invited to participate in the Foster Grandparent Program to mentor, tutor, encourage and uplift children and youth in need. Foster Grandparents serve at elementary schools, child care centers, clubs, libraries or summer camps, helping students develop stronger academic and social skills. Volunteers […]

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April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is recognized as National Volunteer Month and is dedicated to honoring all volunteers across the nation. Older adults, many of whom are retired and have decades of valuable life experience to offer, make some of the best volunteers. Giving time and talent is a way to stay intellectually, socially and physically active and volunteers […]

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Exercise your mind

Our brain has about 100 billion neurons, which are tiny brain cells. These neurons make more than 100 trillion connections using chemicals called neurotransmitters. These connections are what let us think, learn, remember, and do things. As we get older, unfortunately, these connections can get weaker because of less blood flow and fewer nutrients and […]

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General health

The mind and body are closely linked. The brain is an organ just like the heart or liver. So, habits that are good for the body are also good for the brain. But bad habits can harm both our physical and mental health. Blood is circulated by the heart and carries nutrients and oxygen throughout […]

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Mindfulness and outlook

Our brain was created to occasionally handle a little stress, but when we are stressed all the time, it is not ideal for our memory. This happens because our brain is too busy thinking about what is stressing us out, also called cognitive overload, it cannot focus on remembering daily things. A helpful way to […]

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Have you ever considered why we spend a third of our life sleeping? The function of sleep is important for our bodies and brains, ranging from storing memories and learning that occurred from the day, removing toxins from our brain, and resetting our mood and emotional well-being to make us feel better. As we age, […]

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Social engagement

Being social is important for both our physical and emotional health. We are social creatures, and our brains need connections with others. But social interaction is more than just making friends. It also gives our mind a workout, makes us feel better emotionally, helps reduce stress, and can even keep our thinking skills sharp as […]

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Keep moving

Most people know that being active is good for both your heart and muscles. But did you know physical activity is also beneficial for your brain too? Regular exercise helps the brain in three big ways: making stronger connections in the brain, protects the brain by building a reserve, and help your mood. When you […]

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Nutrition for brain health

Good nutrition is important at every age, but getting older can make it hard to get the right kinds of food that our bodies need. In fact, we find as we age, our bodies do not absorb minerals and nutrients as well as they used to, and our metabolism slows down. Individuals may notice not […]

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Dementia Care Learning Modules

  NEW! Learning modules for certified nurse assistants