Center for Older Adults

Dr. Ross and a patient

The Health Science Center at Fort Worth, Center for Older Adults is located in the Health Pavilion on the HSC campus in Fort Worth’s cultural district. We provide primary care and neurological geriatric consultations for older adults with complex or chronic conditions. Our team works closely with both patients and their caregivers to deliver a comprehensive assessment of the older adult through an interprofessional team approach. HSC Health Center for Older Adults is transforming the clinical training environment in order to improve geriatrics care, offering education programs to prepare today’s workforce to care for an aging population. On-campus, on-line, and community-based programs train students, residents, healthcare professionals, nursing home staff, and family caregivers to work with patients over age 65.




The Center for Older Adults is an interdisciplinary team guided by values and committed – through education, research, and care – to improving the quality of life and promoting optimal aging for the older adults we serve.
Be an extraordinary Center for Older Adults, under one University, built on values and teamwork, committed to producing excellent providers of the future and improving lives of older adults.