Budget Office

Budget Concept

The Budget Office is a team of diverse financial professionals who provide insight and guidance for effective budget management, as well as being good stewards of resource allocation and utilization. We are committed to assisting all levels of management with their budgetary needs and financial analysis requirements by providing timely information in order for management to make informed, data-driven decisions.


  • Develops new budget plans and implements all activities associated with the preparation and implementation of the Annual Operating Budget
  • Prepares the biennial Legislative Appropriations Request
  • Verifies sufficient funds for approving payroll encumbrances and journal transactions
  • Produces financial reports for all internal and external stakeholders
  • Serves as a resource to internal customers by providing the following services:
    • Monitoring financial activity and transactions to promote quality assurance
    • Providing financial information for managers to make informed decisions
    • Providing expertise and guidance throughout the entire budget development process
    • Forecasting and analyzing revenues and expenses
    • Advising customers to appropriately assign financial elements and accounts for transactions
  • Seeks efficiencies and opportunities for resource enhancement
  • Maintains cooperative working relationships with the following:
    • Texas Legislative Budget Board
    • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    • Various UNT System Offices


HSC Budget Office
3601 West 7th Street Fort Worth, TX 76017