20160818 203449Covey Matrix/Quadrant Review

Productivity involves the skills of decision, attention, and energy management. Stephen R. Covey popularized a Time Management Matrix in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, stating that to manage time more effectively, managing time itself is no longer the aim, but managing where to focus at any particular time is our goal.

The link below provides a guide to using the Time Management Grid as noted by the US Geological Survey:

Here’s an additional link to download your copy of the Time Matrix Maximizer: Time Management Matrix by Stephen Covey- Urgent vs Important

Do you prefer Youtube videos? Click here to view the popular recording on What Stephen R. Covey Taught Me About Time Management


Tracking Your Goals

A recent article reviewed tips for college and university administrators in an effort to help them advance towards their best work. The conclusion… “Less is More”

How do you track your goals towards measuring your progress and productivity? Studies show that improvements in well-being, satisfaction and happiness can come from making progress towards your personal goals. How do you define your impact? Fill in the circles below and track your progress:

If you prefer a recording, How to Measure Progress and Achieve Goals