Time Management

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Weekly Planners

The Week Dominator is a re-invention of the weekly planner, flexible and beautiful. The Week Dominator planner is the result of lots of research on planning and time management methods. The creators (the brilliance behind Neu Year) designed the planner to work with lots of different methods like time blocking, Pomodoro, goal setting, evaluations/ reviews, etc. The result will help you be more productive and allow you to dominate your time, not the other way around!

  • The Week Dominator

The Daily Greatness Business Planner is designed for optimal focus, personal growth and organization, the week-to-a-view pages will guide you in forming excellent thinking habits while taking action on your most important priorities. The weekly check-ins, challenges, planners and inspiration, keep you firmly on track with your goals while the 90-Day high-level check-ins and challenges keep you committed, accountable & motivated.

  • The Daily Greatness Business Planner

Limelife Planners. If you’re looking for fresh, modern, uncluttered designs, try the Limelife Planners. This company offers personalized planners so every planner is unique and custom made just for you.

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The Passion Planner encouraged people not only to start thinking about their goals but also to make taking action towards them a part of their daily lives!

  • The Passion Planner

Img 3921Exercises

One of the best coping strategies for addressing Work Life Journey red flags is time management. The following ideas come from the work of Dr. Stephen Covey. Please answer the following questions:

  • Do you do your best work under pressure?
  • Do you always seem to be rushing between places and events?
  • Do you continually think that someday you’ll be able to do what you really want to do?

If you answered YES to these questions then you suffer from the URGENCY addiction. You like to handle crises and solve problems. You put URGENT matters or activities as your top priority…thereby letting IMPORTANT activities that are not as pressing slide. Time management is about emphasis on the IMPORTANT things in life.

Consider the Time Management Matrix in Covey’s book, First Things First.

Build in a Cushion

A planner has to balance the desire for good and efficient work with the time allotted for the completion of the task. This requires a schedule that lays out the steps of each task and the typical estimated time for completion. Cushion time is for those errors and problems that will set you behind schedule.

The Nappuccino

the nappuccino involves taking a short nap (10-20 minutes) immediately after consuming coffee so that you are more energized when you awake. This works really well because it takes 20 minutes for a person to feel the effects of caffeine.


What is your life experience when the work day is complete? Are you spending time doing things that you love? Consider the suggestions in the following article: 3 Daily Actions That Guarantee Work-Life Balance For Leaders.

Reflection JournalsSchommer

Reflective journaling is a wonderful tool that will help you jot down your life’s events. It can help you keep track of both positive and negative things in your life. There may be various reasons to keep a reflection journal: (1) to make sense of things that happened, (2) to speculate as to why something is the way it is, (3) to align future actions with your reflected values and experiences, (4) to get thoughts and ideas out of your head, and (5) to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Here are some helpful tips on how to get started on reflective writing.