Dementia Care Learning Modules

May 31, 2023 • Uncategorized

Young Caring African Nurse Helping Senior Old Elderly Man Grandfather Walk . Disable Old Man Trying To Walk With The Assistance Aid Of Female Doctor.


NEW! Learning modules for certified nurse assistants

Promotion of Oral Hygiene

Have you ever struggled to help a resident brush their teeth? This module outlines seven strategies to assist people living with dementia maintain their oral health.

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Engage at Every Stage: Promotion and Support of Activity and Safe Mobility

This module will help increase your knowledge of the common characteristics of the stages of cognitive decline. We can learn when to use which strategies to help support and care for our residents based on their level of cognitive impairment.

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Creating Meaningful Activities for Residents

Older adults who have dementia benefit from feeling engaged and productive. Facilities offer activities and entertainment to encourage social interaction, reduce anxiety, stimulate the brain, and inspire feelings of accomplishment among their residents.

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Nonpharmacological Approaches to Behavioral Management

Have you ever experienced a resident whose behavior became aggressive? This module will help you develop new strategies to manage dementia-related behaviors before seeking a medication solution.

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Dementia and Behavioral Health Medications

Have you ever experienced a resident whose behavior became aggressive? This module will help you increase your knowledge of psychotropic medications’ benefits and risks in managing dementia-related behaviors.

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