For Employees

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


UNTHSC employees have access to a free, confidential EAP that provides support with family/legal/financial issues, substance abuse, or other stressful events. The EAP is offered through Alliance Work Partners and is available to retirement-eligible employees, retirees, household members and dependents.

Contact Alliance Work Partners:

Phone: 800-343-3822

Website: Code: AWP-UNT-384

Health Saver Policy


Read the Health Saver Policy to learn more about how you can fit exercise into your work day!


Employee Health Insurance


Visit the UNT System Human Resources Benefits page to learn more about employee health insurance. The ERS administers health benefits (currently HealthSelect from United HealthCare).

Contact Employee Health Insurance:

Email HR Benefits Coordinator:

Phone ERS: 877-275-4377

Email ERS:


Human Resources


UNTHSC Human Resource Services can answer questions regarding benefits, employee relations, and policies and procedures.

Click here to learn who represents you/your department.

Contact Human Resources:

Phone: 817-735-2690

Person of Concern Reporting Form


The UNT Health Science Center cares about our students’ success, not only academically, but emotionally and physically. The Health Science Center also strives to provide all students with a campus environment that is conducive to academic endeavors, and social and individual growth. Because of our commitment, we strive to provide services across campus that respond to our students’ unique needs. In an effort to increase opportunities to identify students of concern, a new form has been created that will capture Care Team referrals, violations of the Student Code of Conduct & Discipline, and Sexual Assault/Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) reports within one central online form. The Student of Concern Reporting Form can be found at: Individuals referring students of concern can select the nature of their report and identify and provide context for the nature of their concern. By utilizing one central referral method, opportunities are created to gather complete and thorough information in an effort to support students in a holistic manner. Thank you for playing a part in keeping our students safe and contributing to solutions for a healthier community!


Resident of Concern Reporting Form


The University of North Texas Health Science Center and the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine cares about the success of our residents, not only academically, but emotionally and physically as well. Because of our commitment to wellness, we have worked to expand services across campus and within the community that are able to respond to the unique needs of our residents. Five years ago, UNTHSC created the Care Team to provide a caring, confidential program of identification, intervention, and response in order to provide students with the greatest chance for success. This program has been extremely successful within our medical student population, and we are extremely excited to expand the Care Team to residency sites. The Care Team considers it a privilege to walk through life circumstances with our students and residents, as we work to foster connection to resources and offer hope during what can often be an overwhelming time in medical training. Residents can be referred to the Care Team by filling out this anonymous form:

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