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The Office of Care and Civility Staff

Andrew Arvay, MS

Director, Care and Civility

Andrew Arvay serves as the Director of the Office of Care and Civility. He has over 10 years of experience in higher education and working with college students to support their development and wellness. Currently, he provides leadership for the various functions of the Office of Care and Civility, including the Care Team, student conduct, Fitness Center, and wellness programming. Andrew believes that actualizing your potential frequently requires a helping relationship, particularly during challenging times. Andrew graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and from the University of Tennessee with a Master of Science in College Student Personnel. During his free time, Andrew enjoys food (both cooking and eating), learning about the world, exercising, and live music.

Strengths: Achiever – Relator – Analytical – Focus – Restorative

Jeremy Joseph, Student Services Associate, Student Affairs

Jeremy Joseph, MS

Assistant Director, Care and Civility
Student Service Center

Jeremy Joseph is the Assistant Director for Care and Civility for the University, serving as the co-chair of the Care Team and providing leadership over OCC initiatives. Jeremy joined the Office of Care and Civility in February of 2018. He is passionate about pursuing opportunities to empower and encourage people, as well as focusing on our students’ unique health and wellness needs. Jeremy graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a BS in Kinesiology, and received his Master of Science in Exercise Science from Northeastern University. He has provided leadership over the Fitness Center along with the development and implementation of the Restorative Pathway Program. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys playing basketball, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Strengths: Empathy – Responsibility – Input – Individualization – Relator

Lauren Carter

Assistant Director, Be|Well
Student Service Center

Lauren Carter serves as the Assistant Director for Be|Well and has worked in higher education for over seven years. Her experience includes working in Housing and Residence Life, creating retention programs, curriculum development, and student development. She aspires to help students maximize their potential and teach them how to take a preventative approach to stress management as a foundation for social, emotional, and academic development. She earned a BA in Film & Media Studies and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and an MS in Lifestyle Health Science and Coaching from the UNT Health Science Center. She enjoys live music, reading, spending time with family, and all things Marvel in her free time.

Strengths: Futuristic – Discipline – Relator – Strategic – Individualization

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Alex Fernandez, MS, MPH

Senior Student Services Coordinator
Founder’s Activity Center

Alex joined the Office of Care and Civility in August of 2018. He has a passion for health and an innate drive to serve others. As a Care and Civility team member, Alex assists in the promotion, implementation, and assessment of UNTHSC wellness programs for students and staff members, as well as overseeing Fitness Center operations. He has earned BS and MS in Kinesiology from University of North Texas, Denton, and an MPH in Health Management and Policy from the UNT Health Science Center. Alex strongly believes that health is a journey, not a destination, and little everyday habits go a long way in the grand scheme of things. Alex’s goal is to add value and lasting positive change to the lives of students and staff members through health, wellness, and fitness programs. In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and son, training, and learning new things.

Strengths: Harmony – Consistency – Restorative – Learner – Input

Alex Cooper 1jpg

Alexandria Cooper, MS

Senior Student Services Coordinator 
Student Service Center

Alexandria (Alex) Cooper serves as a Senior Student Services Coordinator for the Office of Care and Civility (OCC). With her role at OCC, Alex focuses on providing intentional programming for students centered on Title IX, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), drugs and alcohol prevention, suicide prevention, and overall well-being. In addition, Alex serves as a case manager for the Care Team assisting and providing resources to students in need of support. Alex also serves as a student conduct officer who investigates and resolves violations of the Student Code of Conduct and Civility. Alex strives to be a dependable support for students, faculty, and staff and uses her background in counseling and student affairs to guide this principle. Alex obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Tarleton State University. In her free time, Alex enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new cuisines, and new experiences in general.

Strengths: Harmony – Restorative – Positivity- Adaptability – Connectedness

Brian Rodriguez

Student Services Assistant
Founder’s Activity Center

Brian joined the Office of Care and Civility in January of 2020. He assists in fitness center operations, program marketing, and offers administrative support for the office. Brian graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a BS in Business Management, where he worked as the Residence Hall Association Vice President providing wellness programming and support to the UTEP student body. Brian has also assisted in the start-up and managing of a strength and conditioning business, and has experience working as a marketing associate for a North American Hockey League organization. He strongly believes in the importance of mental health awareness, and wants to help others find a sense of overall well-being. In his free time, Brian enjoys playing golf, watching professional wrestling, and spending time with his dogs.

Strengths: Strategic – Analytical – Learner – Achiever – Discipline