Student Conduct and Civility

HSC strives to provide all students with a campus environment that is conducive to academic endeavors and individual and professional growth. To this end, HSC has adopted policies to govern student behavior that are educational in nature and designed to help students understand expectations and accept responsibility for their actions. The Office of Care and Civility strives to uphold the high academic, professional and community standards of HSC while supporting our students to develop their ethical decision-making skills.

When a student is alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct and Civility, a Student Conduct Officer (SCO) will assess all reports and make a preliminary determination whether the conduct may violate the Code. This includes reports for matters of academic dishonesty, which is a violation of the code. If the Student Conduct Officer determines the allegation could violate the Code, the SCO will initiate the conduct process by providing a written Notice of Complaint to the student. During the conference with the Student Conduct Officer, students are given an opportunity to respond to the allegations and to present information that would assist the SCO in reviewing the alleged misconduct. Students are welcome and encouraged to ask any questions they have about the student conduct process, and they can do so by emailing or calling the Division of Student Affairs at (817) 735-2505.



Incidents of sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual coercion, and sexual exploitation), domestic violence, dating violence and stalking should useĀ this form to report to the Title IX Coordinator.