Budget Office

The UNT Health Science Center Budget Office is responsible for all activities associated with the preparation and implementation of the Annual Operating Budget for the Board of Regents and the biennial Legislative Appropriations Request and Budget. The UNT HSC Budget Office serves as a resource to all levels of management and operating entities within the UNT Health Science Center related to budget, position control, and other financial matters to develop financial plans that support and align with the strategic plan and goals of the institution. The UNT HSC Budget Office controls the UNT Health Science Center’s Educational, General, and Auxiliary budgets and prepares budgetary and financial reports for all internal and external stakeholders.

The UNT HSC Budget Office maintains cooperative working relationships with the Texas Legislative Budget Board, Governor’s Office of Budget and Planning, the Senate Finance Committee, House Appropriations Committee, Conference Committee and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Finally, the UNT HSC Budget Office is responsible for assuring that the budgeting process and all budgetary reporting mechanisms are timely, accurate, and in compliance with all UNT Health Science Center policies and procedures and all appropriate State and Federal guidelines. Our Mission is…

“To support all the mission centric areas of the health science center to help address their budgetary needs and financial analysis requirements.”

This page was last modified on March 13, 2015