Yonina Robinson – Research Administration

January 15, 2022 • January 2022, Serve Others First, VOTM

Nominated by Kristi Ingram for Serve Others First

Yonina Robinson, a Pre-award Analyst for the Division of Research, is now the only pre-award processing individual at UNTHSC. However, you would not know this due to her efficiency and spectacular work ethic. For most in her situation with a lack of staff, they would burn out, but not Yonina. Each and every day, Yonina not only comes to work with a positive attitude, but she also continues that through her day with each and every person she encounters. Through her love for the people she works with and her expertise in her field, Yonina exemplifies what it means to Serve Others First, along with every other value here at HSC. For me, she truly went above and beyond when I was super busy and was unable to attend a few meetings. She sent a Teams chat to check in on me and to make sure everything is going alright on my end. This meant the world. Yonina is not my supervisor. Yonina and I don’t even do the same job. Yonina and I don’t work in the same building. But for her to have the mindfulness of others and to take time out of her busy day to ask about mine truly is a reflection of her as the fantastic person she is. This institution is very fortunate to have her and she is more than deserving of the Valubility of the Month title.

Yonina Robinson Headshot