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Valubility Now and Next Highlights

Valubility Now and Next Recap: On Friday, December 1st, team members across campus came together in person and online to celebrate HSC’s Valubility recognition program that launched in 2015. The event took a look back at the founding of Valubility, including how the word started, as well the three components of the recognition program: High5, […]

What is “Valubility Now and Next” on Dec 1?

This Friday, December 1st, HSC will celebrate our past recognition program at the Valubility Now & Next event. If you’re wondering what this is, here are some details that may help add clarity: – The last Valubility recognition event was in January that celebrated the 2022 Valubility of the Year Honorees – HSC recognition has […]

“Valubility Now and Next” – Wear your Valubility shirt Friday, Dec 1

This Friday, December 1st, HSC will celebrate our values recognition program, Valubility. If you’ve ever been a recipient of Valubility of the Month or Year and received a Valubility T-shirt, please wear it this Friday. Don’t miss the food, fun and giveaways at the event! Register now to attend one of the watch party rooms […]

“Valubility Now and Next” event is Friday, Dec 1

This Friday, December 1st, HSC will celebrate our values recognition program, Valubility. Do you have a favorite Valubility memory…a moment when you were recognized…a time you nominated someone living our values…a committee you were part of…an event you attended? Please take a moment to share your memory in this survey link: Favorite Valubility Memory. Don’t […]

Register For “Valubility Now and Next”

Don’t miss the “Valubility Now & Next” event this Friday, December 1st. This is an opportunity to celebrate our Valubility recognition program and our values journey. Registration is required and you have options to join one of three watch party rooms across campus. Each watch party will feature lunch for attendees. Come enjoy the food, […]

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Gregory Harris Valubility of the Month Nominee June 2022

Gregory Harris – Research Administration

Valubility of the Month June 2022  Nominated by Christina Aguilar for Collaboration Greg went above and beyond exemplifying the value of collaboration. We recently launched the IACUC GRAMS Module, in which we quickly realized that we needed the capability to build reports in effort to create functionality and efficiency. His technical skills matched with our […]