Valuability of the Year party


Valubility LogoValubility is a program created by your teammates to help recognize and celebrate how we are living our values in extraordinary ways.

Now before you scramble for your dictionaries, we’ll admit that it’s a made-up word — a mash-up of “values,” “abilities” and “possibilities.” We like to think of Valubility as the possibilities that arise from us all living our values every day. It’s how you are living these values in word, work and deed.


The Valubility program has three parts:

  • high5 cards: This is an informal way for you to recognize people for living the values in extraordinary ways every day. Fill out a card and give your friend a high5.
  • Valubility of the month: Nominate a teammate or team for going above and beyond in living our values. A rotating committee of coworkers will select up to five recipients each month. Use the form to the left to nominate someone.
  • Valubility of the year: Reserved for truly extraordinary acts of valubility that represent us at our best. Selected with input from senior leadership, this yearly honor goes to teammates who show what is possible when our values are infused into life and work. It’ll be a big deal. Send nominations to

Let’s start taking notice of the good work our colleagues do by recognizing their Valubility. You won’t have to look hard. You’ll know it when you see it.
Click here to download the Valubility program flyer.