Valuability of the Year party


Valubility LogoValubility is a program created by your teammates to help recognize and celebrate how we are living Our Values in extraordinary ways.

Now before you scramble for your dictionaries, we’ll admit that it’s a made-up word — a mash-up of “values,” “abilities” and “possibilities.” We like to think of Valubility as the possibilities that arise from us all living Our Values every day. It’s how you are living these values in word, work and deed. The program is administered by the Office of Culture & Experience.

Let’s start taking notice of the good work our colleagues do by recognizing their Valubility. You won’t have to look hard. You’ll know it when you see it.


The Valubility program has three parts:


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High 5

High5 is an “in-the-moment”, informal way to thank faculty, staff, and students for living Our Values in everyday ways. Fill out an electronic High5 as a quick and efficient way to recognize and celebrate our extraordinary people.

The recipient will receive an email from the High5 mailbox to review the comments.

How to give a High5.


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Valubility of the Month

Valubility of the Month (VOTM) recognizes people for going above and beyond in living Our Values. The monthly nomination window is open from the 16th of the previous month through the 15th of the current month. A Voting Committee reviews nominations and selects up to five recipients to recognize each month.

Honorees are celebrated during a virtual recognition event the last week of each month.

How to nominate.

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Valubility of the Year

Nominate a teammate for truly extraordinary acts that represent us at our best.

Selected with input from senior leadership, this yearly honor goes to teammates who show what is possible when Our Values are infused into life and work.

Honorees will be announced at the 2021 Valubility of the Year celebration event in December (details to come).


How to nominate.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give a high5?

A high 5 can be given through our convenient online platform or through a paper version available at kiosks around campus.

What is the timeframe for giving a high5?

There is no specific timeframe for this recognition and can be done at any time.

How do I nominate someone for Valubility of the Month?

VOTM nominations are submitted through the online platform. Monthly nominations are available from the 16th of the previous month through the 15th of the current month.

How are Valubility of the Month honorees selected?

The monthly pool of VOTM nominations are reviewed by a voting committee comprised of members from departments across campus. Members score each nomination based on a specific rubric. A scoring app compiles the data and sorts by highest scores.

What do Valubility of the Month honorees receive?

Honorees receive a Valubility t-shirt, branded tote bag, personalize magnet, Values coin, and a certificate with a copy of their nomination.

When are VOTM honorees and nominators notified of the results?

Honorees and their nominators are notified at the end of the month via an email invitation to join the Valubility of the Month celebration. The honorees are recognize in a virtual ceremony on Zoom. Awards are then distributed by the Office of Culture & Experience after the recognition event.

General Information

  • A person can be nominated and honored with either a High5 or Valubility of the Month award more than once.
  • Any faculty member, staff member, or student at HSC can be nominated for these awards.
  • Individual and group nominations may be submitted for VOTM (the group does not necessarily have to be in the same department).
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations you can submit for either High5 or VOTM.