High5s are an important element of our efforts to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary ways our team members live Our Values.

We hope the online version will be a convenient tool to help us to better quantify and celebrate these recognitions together as we pursue our vision of becoming One University.


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The paper version will remain available to those who prefer it and can be found at the following locations:

  • MET by the 1st floor elevators and Café
  • EAD 1st floor atrium, 2nd floor elevators
  • CBH Building by the 1st floor elevators
  • Library by the Java Lab and 3rd floor stairwell
  • HP – Clinic break rooms
  • RES by the first and second floor elevators
  • Here are the links to download a high5 card: Serve Others First, Integrity, Respect, Collaboration and Be Visionary.

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Tcom Student Dianna Nguyen And Employee Larry Clark High Five.