Valubility of the Month: September 2020

October 1, 2020 • valubility, VOTM

Values Zoom

De WebDr. Didi Ebert – Family Medicine

Dr. Ebert is dedicated to the students of HSC. She has been designing a truly amazing and completely innovative experience for HSC learners. She takes her vision and somehow operationalizes it into this wonderful, interprofessional, collaborative masterpiece- created to mold and produce the providers of the future. She is one to highlight our individual strengths and use them as resources in our learning lab for a more well-rounded educational experience for learners. She has personally encouraged and pushed me out of my own comfort zone and into a growth mind-set.

Nominator: Maria Crompton

Dl WebDavid Lipe – Facilities Administration

David is kind, patient, and considerate in his actions when you request a work order from the Facilities team. He is extremely well organized, and invests in the training and talent of the young men who work for him. He is always willing to accept and discuss work order requests, collaborate with other team members on campus as needed to complete a job, and attempts to meet the goals you have. One of the most recent examples, David has helped us to coordinate a move for one Department while saving us large amounts of money. He was willing to talk over the project with me, establish a timeline, participate in multiple meetings with all leadership effected by the move, and researched equipment required for the safety and security of our Department. He has taken my requests, coordinated all Facilities teams involved, and made this project seamless for me to date.

Nominator: Karen Coleman

Br ZoomBrian Rodriguez – Student Affairs

Since Brian started working in the Office of Care and Civility, he has made himself essential by supporting the work we do in our office and other offices in our Division of Student Affairs. Brian has served others first by taking the initiative to volunteer for projects, regularly anticipates the needs of his team members and students, and has helped our office navigate all the changes due to the pandemic. On multiple occasions he has also volunteered to help the office of Testing and Evaluation Services when they needed additional proctors. Brian is always eager to help, a team player, and never loses sight of what is important, our students. Brian lives the university values, because he always putting the best interests of others before anything else and empowers others to be better.

Nominator: Alex Fernandez

Cs WebCrystal Simmons – College of Pharmacy – SEAS

Crystal consistently goes above and beyond her call of duty and strives daily to do her best to provide any knowledge or expertise that she has as well as giving any resources or time that she has. Crystal is a team player and encourages everyone on her team to use their talents and strengths to the best of their ability. Crystal is very giving of her time and energy and is always the first to volunteer when help is needed. Crystal has taken on additional roles now that we are in a pandemic. An example is that she volunteered as the PPE project manager (in addition to normal duties) and has devoted many hours to make sure that the PPE we have is utilized in the best way and to make sure we have enough to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. Crystal has seen a lot of turmoil and change during her time at UNTHSC and yet, she has continued to serve with a positive attitude and gives 100%.

Nominator: Jill Jernigan

Dm WebDr. David Mason

Dr. Mason has been such an incredible servant leader over these past months. He has taken the monumental changes of covid19 in stride and continued to show up for TCOM students and faculty. In the early days of the pandemic, he was present in WEEKLY meetings with my class of 2021 and it was so wonderfully encouraging to see and hear him delivering first-hand information and walking along side us in confusion and frustrations. Dr. Mason is endlessly kind in his speech and passionate in his leadership and advocacy. He fights for the achievement and flourishing of those around him and is an incredible asset to our HSC team.

Nominator: Emily Tutt