Valubility of the Month: October 2020

November 2, 2020 • valubility, VOTM

Oct Votm Zoom Celebration

Tatiana Thompson – UNT Health AdministrationTatiana Thompson

As supervisor over Health Business Specialists of coding, billing, posting, claims, patient billing – she takes exemplary care of us – as usual- but worked over and beyond during this season of Covid crisis. She, took on additional work tasks from all of us in order to optimize financial income of the clinic. She continually checks on our mental and physical well-being, asking if there is anything AT ALL that she can do for us work related or not. She encourages and serves us with compassion, kindness and fun!! She is the most positive, caring and collaborative person I have ever worked with in my 45 years of working. Tatiana works tirelessly so that we can all thrive in our jobs while taking care of our whole beings. She exemplifies the HSC Values in every aspect.

Nominated by Karen Minyard

Sanya Gupta – Data AnalyticsSanya Gupta

Sanya developed a technology solution to improve the “work-flow” of the Valubility of the Month and Year nomination process. With Sanya’s thorough understanding of the process challenges, she created a unique way to leverage technology into the solutions. When Sanya encountered an issue with the way we were going to capture nominations, she worked with the right business partners to find an appropriate solution. From the beginning of the process, Sanya had a vision of how to improve this overall process. Her vision was fully committed to making this process a great experience for all involved. Her dedication to Our Value of “Be Visionary” was instrumental in re-launching AND improving the Valubility program. Thanks to Sanya’s ability to move us forward, this recognition program has improved its credibility by delivering timely information and results.

Nominated by Stacy Boe

Leslie Crosdale – Student AffairsLeslie Crosdale

Leslie works with our international students and employees and is responsible for ensuring we stay in compliance with federal regulations. Over the last several months, and especially this past month, there have been multiple regulations that have changed and affected many of our international students and employees. She is diligent about staying on top of these new regulations and reading every single one. She takes the time to break the new regulations down and determines how it impacts our students and employees. Most recently, she took hundreds of pages of federal regulations and broke it down into just a couple of pages that have the direct impact on our institution and shared that with stakeholders. She has to make some difficult decisions and have some difficult discussions. She keeps us in compliance and protects the students, employees, and the institution.

Nominated by Kristina Clark

Erin Milam – Office of the Dean-TCOMErin Milam

Erin is the definition of what it means to be a team player. During the sudden changes to our work lives from COVID, Erin was a steady voice for TCOM. She handled the flow of information and distributed without delay. She routinely tackles large projects that require an eye for detail, collaboration with other departments, and accurate information. She organized the largest PPE order on campus, the preparation of the PPE bags for almost 1,000 students, and never broke a sweat! She is part of our team because she believes in our students and what we do.  She continues to lead by example by making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Nominated by Katy Kemp

David Baker – UNT Health AdministrationDavid Baker

David joined the team in June 2020 as the clinics were reopening post COVID-19 closures. He has consistently applied his expertise and imagination toward team-based solutions for quality reporting and improvement. He goes above and beyond creating infographics and suggesting structural and governance solutions to move the practices forward on their transformation to value-based care. He is engaging and positive in team meetings, comes prepared and consistently supports the ideas of others. His actions and ideas help create the transparency and safety necessary for highly-reliable teamwork.

Nominated by Bethlyn Gerard