Frequently Asked Questions


What is a conduct conference?


A Conduct Conference is a meeting with the student and a conduct officer to discuss the alleged misconduct and respond to the alleged violation of The Code.


What is disciplinary probation?


Disciplinary Probation is a written sanction that will be reflected in a student’s permanent academic record.  Disciplinary Probation will be established for a specific duration up to and including the entire period of a student’s enrollment.  During the period of Disciplinary Probation the student’s conduct will be under close scrutiny with more serious sanctions to be imposed for future misconduct.


What is suspension?


Suspension is a removal from UNTHSC for a specified period of time.  A suspended student will be removed from enrollment and trespassed from university premises until the period of suspension has expired and the student has applied for re-admission to UNTHSC and been cleared for re-admission by appropriate UNTHSC officials.  This sanction will be reflected in a student’s permanent academic record.


What is expulsion?


Expulsion is permanent severance from UNTHSC.  An expelled student will be permanently removed from enrollment and permanently trespassed from university premises.  Expulsion will be reflected in a student’s permanent academic record.


May I have an attorney in my conference?


A student may be accompanied at the conference by an advisor, but the student must represent herself or himself at the conference.  If a student intends to be accompanied by an attorney, the student must notify the conduct officer at least two (2) days prior to the conference so that UNTSHC can have a representative from the Office of General Counsel present at the conference.


May I appeal any decisions that are made regarding my case?


A student who disagrees with the conduct officer’s disciplinary findings and/or the severity of the imposed sactions may request a review by the Committee by filing a Request for Review with the SSAO no later than five (5) working days from the date of the Notice of Disciplinary Finding.  Failure to timely file a Request for Review will constitute a waiver of the opportunity for further review unless the SSAO extends the time limits in the best interest of the student or the UNTHSC.

Please review The Code for the process of filing a Request for Review.

This page was last modified on January 27, 2015