Welcome to the FYE Peer to Peer Mentorship Program at HSC!  Our program is designed to provide incoming students with valuable support, guidance, and resources as they transition in the university community. Through one-on-one mentorship relationships, our mentors assist new students in navigating academic challenges, fostering personal growth, and building connections within the HSC community. Whether you’re seeking academic advice, campus involvement opportunities, or simply a friendly face to help you acclimate to university life, the FYE Peer Mentorship Program is here to help you thrive. Join us in creating a supportive network where every student can succeed.

During your New Student Orientation, stop by the Center for Student Life resource table to complete our interest form or complete the form HERE.

Step 1: Complete your Online Mentor Application HERE.

Step 2: Be on the lookout for a follow up email from CSL Assistant Director,  Brianna.Smith@unthsc.edu for information on the interview process.

Check out all the upcoming events by clicking the button below and searching the tag: FYE Peer Mentorship

Contact Us:

Center for Student Life

Student Service Center, 200c

Email: centerforstudentlife@unthsc.edu