Student Fee Advisory Committee

In compliance with the Texas Education Code 54.5031and 54.5033, the Student Fee Advisory Committee at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (HSC) is an advisory group to the governing board and administration on the type, amount, and expenditure of compulsory fees for student services. The Student Fee Advisory Committee recommends the allocation of student service fee funds to best serve the needs of the largest number of students. Members shall not speak for this committee without the prior approval of the committee.

2023 – 2024 Committee Members

  • Co – Chair: Damian Torres – Division of Student Affairs
  • Co – Chair: Meagan Cross – Division of Student Affairs
  • Staff Member: Seth Willmoth – Facilities
  • Faculty Member: Michael Furtado, DPT Faculty

Student Members:

  • Medical Student Government Association: Pranavi Chamarti
  • Student Association of Biomedical Sciences: Ammar Kapic
  • Physician Assistant Student Association: Loren Martinez
  • Public Health Student Government Association: Michael Leary
  • Physical Therapy Student Association: Peyton Hubbard
  • Pharmacy Student Government Association: Jared Mitchell

Ad hoc Members:

  • Brian Rodriguez – Center for Student Life
  • Stephanie McVay – Division of Student Affairs

2023-2024 Meeting Dates

(Virtual Meetings via Microsoft Teams – email for a link to the meeting)

Meeting Dates & Times:

Tuesday, January 23rd, 12 PM: Click here to join the meeting

Tuesday, January 30th, 12 PM: Click here to join the meeting

Thursday, February 15th, 12 PM: Click here to join the meeting

Wednesday, March 6th, 11am: Click here to join the meeting


Student Fee Advisory Committee Recommendations by Fiscal Year