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The Master of Physician Assistant (PA) Studies and Master of Health Administration dual degree program provides PA’s with business knowledge and competencies to improve the effectiveness and operational success of healthcare organizations. PA’s with an MHA are prepared to transition from an exclusive clinical pharmacy focus to a managerial role in a healthcare organization.

Program benefits

  • The MHA-trained PA will have in-depth knowledge and skills in: performance management and measurement, analytic thinking for solving problems in healthcare systems, health communications, process and quality improvement, project management, human relations management, strategic planning, professional and social responsibility, financial skills, and information technology.
  • The MHA-trained PA will be prepared for leadership roles in healthcare organizations.
  • The MHA-trained physician will rely on a population health management perspective for improving healthcare systems.

Potential career paths

  • Health System Executive leadership
  • Chief Physician Assistant
  • Department Chair or Director of Physician Assistant Services
  • Administrative Medical Director

Faculty advisors

Tessa Bryan Ed.D., MBA
School of Public Health

Lauren Dobbs PA-C, MMS
School of Health Professions