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Join us in congratulating our Class of 2022 for their completion of the program! Pa Class Of 2022


We also had our awards banquet on 2/22/22, and gave out many awards!

It was also a celebration of our 25th anniversary of our inaugural class, as well as a celebration of our 1000th graduate. We presented the students with their long white coat to signify their entry into the PA profession.
The Dean’s Award for Scholarly Excellence in Academic Achievement was presented to Andrew Garza, and Catherine Moffett received the Dean’s Award for Scholarly Excellence in Clinical Practice.
Rebecca Elwell was recognized with PA’s Outstanding Achievement Award for demonstrated excellence in the program’s Didactic Phase.
Savannah Elkins received the Outstanding Achievement Award for demonstrated excellence in the program’s Clinical Phase. She was also honored with this year’s Diane L. Chew Perseverance Award, established in memory of a staff member who worked more than 15 years for the PA program.
Rachel Diessner received the Department of Psychiatry Award, and Shannen Longridge was honored with the Department of Pediatrics Award.
Honorary Pi Alpha membership was presented to PA Studies Administrative Coordinator Sandra Mann, who has been with the program since its beginning in 1997 and has watched all 1000+ graduates cross the stage.
The following graduates were inducted into Pi Alpha Honor Society:
o McKenzie Bartlett
o Blair Bokelman
o Haley Borthwick
o Lauren Boyd
o Rebecca Elwell
o Andrew Garza
o Carter Hanson
o Brianna Koym
o Lauren Mullins
o Dustin Zimmerman
U.S. Army veteran Aaron Peterson was presented with the Veterans Regalia Stole.
Active-duty Navy Ensign Ryan Guthrie and U.S. Air Force Reserve 2nd Lieutenant Abigail Till were presented with the Military Service Cord.
As of this year, a total of 1,029 graduates have completed HSC’s program. Samantha Kubiak was recognized as being PA’s 1,000th graduate.
This is the first class of students to graduate since our transition to a 30 month program so they completed the program on 2/11/22. The commencement ceremony will be held on May 25th at Dickies Arena. You can find information about the commencement ceremony here.
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We have added new team members!

Join us in welcoming some part time faculty to our program!

Dr. Jeff Beeson
Dr. Jeff Beeson
Ryan English, PA-C
Ryan English, PA-C
Audrey Lively, PA-C
Audrey Lively, PA-C
Matt Boutte, PA-C
Matt Boutte, PA-C
Jessica Atkinson, PA-C
Jessica Atkinson, PA-C