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She helped calm anxious patients getting COVID-19 tests because she wanted to help. Earning a microcredential was a valuable bonus.

PA student Madi Garrett volunteered earlier this year at an HSC test site. It was her responsibility, she says, “to keep everything in good order so the patients would be reassured in a moment of extreme stress.”

SMadi Garrett Cropometimes wearing full PPE, Garrett double-checked paperwork and performed additional tasks to help ensure smooth communication so patients could get their results in time to help slow the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was unpaid work. “Volunteering is rewarding,” Garrett said. “But I also earned a microcredential in Pandemic Emergency Response, which will be a plus in my career.”

Microcredentials are competency-based, specialized certifications attesting that a student has mastered specific skills for a certain activity or procedure. HSC’s implementation of micro-credentials helps fulfill the HSC 2020 Roadmap’s Key Result to create a Career Readiness program.

As Garrett says, microcredentials are proof of expertise: “I can put it on my CV when I apply for jobs.”

Author: Betsy Friauf, UNTHSC


This page was last modified on July 10, 2020