Confocal Microscopy Training

Inverted Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan, Confocal Training

Q: What is this about?
A: Opportunity to participate in a training session on the Inverted Zeiss LSM 880 AiryScan, Confocal Microscope (Super resolution image capture capability).

Q: When will the next session be held?
A: April 28th, 2021 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Q: How do I book my training?
A: Request Training through iLab.
    ♦   Login with your EUID and Password
    ♦   Go to Request Services tab
    ♦   Go to Request Training section and Initiate Request
    ♦   Fill up the form, complete the payment information and submit

Q: How much will it cost?
A: $110 which will cover participation in 2.5 hours of Demonstration Training and 3 hours of MCF staff monitored Hands-on use imaging your own samples (schedule with MCF staff within 2 months of initial Demonstration training).

Q: What will the training format be?
A: Training is divided into two parts, Demonstration and hands-on use.
    ♦   Demonstration: In person (10 Min) and Online (2Hrs 30 Min)
    ♦   Hands-on use: In-person support (15 Min) and Online Support (2Hrs 45 Min)

Training Format

Training will take place in at least two sessions, the initial Demonstration session followed by Hands-on Use.

Demonstration– Core staff will operate the microscope and trainees will observe and interact with staff.

In person (10 Min) Online (2Hrs 30 Min)
1.  Short tour of the facility and intro to microscope parts and controls. (2 min.)
2.  Demonstration of physically switching on the Microscope Components and Computer. (4 min.)
3.  Demonstration of placing and positioning of sample on the stage. (2 min.)
4.  Demonstration of physically switching off Microscope Components and Computer. (2 min.)

Each trainee will attend the virtual training from RES0121 (2-P confocal room) or RES111 (Image analysis room) being alone in the room where each will have access to computers with 32-inch screen.

Trainees will be able to see exactly the same screen in terms of resolution and magnification as on the Microscope system screen and can even remotely operate the Zen software used for Microscope control and Imaging.


Hands-on Use: After completing Demonstration, Trainees will schedule with MCF staff to operate the microscope with core staff guidance using their own samples.

In-person support (15 Min) Online Support (2Hrs 45 Min)

Assist on Startup of the system and slide placing and focusing.

Occasional short in person assistance as required.

Support virtually from nearby room.


Have any other questions?
Kishor Kunwar, MCF Research Associate, at
Katrina Gordon, MCF Manager, at


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