Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy Fees

Microscope Use Fees

Per Hour Charges Based on User Type
Internal Users Other University/ Acceleration Lab Users External Users
880 Upright Unassisted $35.00 $51.00 $102.00
Assisted $65.00 $96.00 $192.00
880 Inverted Unassisted $35.00 $51.00 $102.00
Assisted $65.00 $96.00 $192.00
Workstation Unassisted $10.00 $15.00 $30.00

There will be a minimum usage charge of 1 hour after which, use time will be rounded up to the nearest 30 mins.

Training Fees

Training is available for internal users who wish to be able to use the microscopes on their own. First time trainees will be charged $110 per person for training on either of the Core microscopes. Additional training on another microscope will be $20 per person. If after initial training a user does not use the microscope for 1 year, additional training at $20 per person will be charged for a refresher training before they will be allowed to use the microscope(s) unassisted. More details about training can be found here.