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Microscopy Society of America

MSA is the national microscopy society of the United States.  It has many activities ranging from promotion of the field to involvement of setting standards for the field and lobbying to provide input on issues important to it’s members.  MSA also sponsors Microscopy & Microanalysis, an annual meeting (see below for more information).  Explore the site and sign up for a membership.

Microscopie Societe du Canada

MSC is Canada’s national microscopy society.  They are active in promoting microscopy within their country and co-sponsor Microscopy & Microanalysis whenever it is held close to their border.

MSA Certification Board

MSA board that provides professional certification for those active in the area of biological TEM.  Involves a written exam and practicum.

MSA Technicians Forum

A group within MSA that is composed of microscopy technicians and those that support them.  They are the voice of the technicians within the society.  They have put on some impressive workshops at Microscopy & Microanalysis.

Texas Society for Microscopy

Our regional affiliate of the Microscopy Society of America

Microscopy and Microanalysis

Microscopy and Microanalysis is the largest annual meeting dedicated to the field of microscopy.  It is sponsored annually by the Microscopy Society of America along with at least one other society.   There are technical workshops and roundtables covering current topics in the field as well as platform and poster sessions.  It also has the largest commercial exhibit of microscopy related products.


Microscope Companies (Light)

Microscopes (Electron, Ion, X-Ray)

Microscope Supplies (expendables, preparation supplies, etc.)


Microscope Facilities

Microscopy Software


Image J

Free Java based image processing and analysis software developed at NIH.  Lots of plug-ins available to expand this software’s capabilities.

BioImage XD

Free open source Python and C++ based software for handling and analyzing 3D image stacks. Includes robust fluorescence colocalization tools.


Biophotonics lab that works on developing open source computational software for the viewing and analysis of multidimensional images.


Commercial image processing and analysis software.  Window’s only.

BitPlane Imaris

Commercial image processing and analysis software which includes the handling of 3D and 4D stacks.

iVision (formerly IPLab)

Commercial microscope automation, image processing and analysis software. Mac only.


Commercial image manipulation software that is very useful for preparing images for publication and working with fluorescence images.


Free (32 bit version)/commercial (64 bit version) image processing and analysis software for 3D image stacks.  Mac and UNIX only.


Free Java based image processing and analysis software which is a reworked version of Image J that emphasizes plug-ins used with  microscopy images.


Free Analysis and Interactive Reconstruction for Structured Illumination Microscopy. Site has the ImageJ plug-in, user manual and raw test image files.


Microscopy Classes/Workshops

Scientific Grade CCD Cameras for Microscopy