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“The goal of each IACUC is to ensure the humane care and use of animals used in research, and compliance with guidelines and regulations, while maintaining flexibility to best meet the unique needs of the institution.” IACUC Guidebook (Page 10)

IACUC Responsibilities

Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM)

Reviewer Tip

According to the Animal Welfare Act and the PHS Policy, the IACUC is responsible for the following:

    • Program Review
    • Facility Inspection
    • Evaluation of Reports
    • Investigate Concerns
    • Make Recommendations
    • Review Protocols
    • Review Significant Changes
    • Authorized to Suspend Animal Activity

Provides continual IACUC Oversight for the animal care and use program. Examples of PAM includes: 

    • Tracking the acquisition of animals
    • Semi-Annual Inspections
    • Protocol and laboratory audits
    • Observation of procedures 
    • Regular review of adverse or unexpected experimental outcomes affecting the animals. 
    • Examination of surgical areas and records
    • Review of protocol related health and safety issues

The following special considerations should be given when reviewing protocols: 

    • Experimental and Humane Endpoints
    • Unexpected Outcomes
    • Physical Restraint
    • Multiple Survival Surgeries
    • Food & Fluid Regulation
    • Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Substances
    • Field Investigations
    • Agricultural Animals