Animal Use Protocol:

As previously announced, the IACUC is in the process of transitioning out of the GRAMS/Huron system. To submit a new or renewal protocol, please use our new IACUC protocol form which should be completed and e-mailed to the IACUC Office.


alt="GRAMS Site"
  • Click on Image to access system to build your animal care and use protocol.
  • Use your EUID and password for logging into the system.
  • Go to LEARN HSC to access training on using the GRAMS IACUC system.


Quick Reference Guides

Protocol Writing Assistance




IACUC Consult Request Form: 

IACUC Consult Request Form

This is a form you can complete to request a consult with the IACUC Office.


Animal Care Forms:

DLAM Forms

This link will take you to the forms page for forms associated with the Department for Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM).

Laboratory Emergency Plan

This is a form that should be completed, and placed in your laboratory in case of an emergency.


Personnel Requirements: 

Step 1: GRAMS Access Form for Students

This form is to be completed for students needing access to GRAMS.


Medical History Questionnaire

This document should be completed to enroll in the UNTHSC Occupational Health and Safety Program. This is required for all who have potential of entering into animal use areas. Please be sure to have the following in place before completing the form:

– A Copy of your tetanus Vaccination Record to upload.

– CITI Training Module Working with the IACUC (Investigators, Staff and Students) completed.

– Please contact Priority Care (817) 735-5051, if you need to schedule a vaccination.

– If you have any allergies to animals or breathing issues, a mask fit test may be required. Please complete the Mask Fit Form and after completing the form a staff member will contact you to schedule the appointment.


CITI Training Instructions

All employees must complete the CITI online training before working with or around animals. This is for the safety of the animals and the personnel working with them. Please read the instructions carefully, and complete the appropriate modules, including the modules associated with each species you will be using.

Animal Research Training Request Form

This form is used for registering for the required DLAM Policy training, and other training courses DLAM offers.