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Submission Deadlines
Animal Use Required form or link to website

Live Animal Use: Enter and submit an IACUC protocol using the “Animal Use Protocol Application 2013” until further notice.

If your protocol is already in IDEATE, please use the IDEATE link for maintaining your protocol.


IDEATE link (FireFox is the REQUIRED  browser)

Fresh or Frozen Animal Tissue: Use this form for all research conducted with animal tissue obtained from an outside source. Tissue Use Application
Annual Reviews: To be completed the first and second year for  protocols containing USDA covered Species.. Annual Review Form
Annual Reviews for 2 Species: To be completed the first and second year for all active protocols. 2 Species Annual Review Form
Amendment: Application for changes on the protocol including: personnel, anesthesia, laboratory rooms, procedures, species, strains, funding, etc. Protocol Amendment Form
Animal Care Forms:  Link to DLAM forms (shipping record, transfer requests, surgery requests and reports, anesthesia records). Dept of Lab Animal Forms
Animal Transfer Request:  DLAM form to request animals to be transferred from one protocol to another.  Must be used for ALL live animal transfers. Animal Transfer Request Form
Personnel Training: All employees must complete the CITI online training BEFORE working with animals or animal tissue.  This is for the safety of the animals AND the personnel working with them.  Please read the instructions carefully and complete the modules for EACH species you plan to work with. CITI Online Training Instructions
Medical History Questionnaire: This form must be completed initially and on a yearly basis by all animal use personnel.  This form should be mailed to the Occupational Health Nurse, Dolores Aguilar at  A Tetanus vaccine record will also need to be emailed to Ms. Aguilar. Medical History Questionnaire
Laboratory Emergency Plan: This document should be filled out and placed in your lab in case of an emergency.  Laboratory Emergency Plan
Animal Training Request Form: This form is used for registering for training courses offered by DLAM.  Animal Research Training Request Form

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