Reporting a Concern

alt="Responsibility Using Animal in research is a privilege granted by society to the research community with the expectation that such use will provide either significant new knowledge or lead to improvement in human and animal well being The Guide Page 4" “To help ensure that laboratory animals receive humane care and use or treatment in accordance with the highest ethical standards, laws, regulations and policies governing animal research, the IACUC must review and, if warranted, address any animal-related concerns raised by the public or institutional employees.” IACUC Guidebook (Page 159)





Violation of federal, state, or university procedures and policies.

The compliant made about the alleged mistreatment or noncompliance.

Any action which results in wrongful treatment of an animal.


Ways to Report:

Office/ Contact: Remain Anonymous:

IACUC Office:

DLAM Office:

HSC Trust Line: (844) 692-6025

Campus Police: (817) 735-2210

Anyone may report a concern

Right to remain anonymous

Whistle-blower Protection

No threat of reprisal



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