Maintenance Shop

Maintenance Contact Information

David Lipe

Maintenance Foreman

The Maintenance Department is responsible for:

  • General routine maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance of all buildings
    • ceiling tiles
    • cove base
  • Installation and assembly of new furniture, reconfiguration of modular furniture, hanging of shelves, pictures or other items are also provided.
  • Moves which includes relocating, furniture, labs, equipment and boxes. Due to the small staff all moves must be scheduled in advance and may be scheduled over the course of several days. For large scale moves – the Facilities Foreman will determine if rental vehicles are necessary for the move. If so the department will be required and responsible for the rental of all equipment or vehicles.
  • Special Events Set-Ups services are provided with tables (6′ x 30″ only) in MET Building and (6′ x 36″ all Campus) and chairs.
    • All event set-ups request must be entered on a work order request.
    • All event set-ups request must provide a layout of tables and chairs.
    • All set-ups must be scheduled in advance.

All jobs must have a work order request entered through the web.

Move and Relocation