Fleet Management

Fleet Management Contact Information

Cory Brewer

Fleet Mechanic – 817-885-9814
E-mail: cory.brewer@unthsc.edu

Fleet Management is responsible for providing safe, reliable, and continuous transportation to the Health Science Center by ensuring a centralized area of control for vehicles and vehicle maintenance.

The fleet mechanic handles all routine maintenance and repair of fleet vehicles, and inspections. All vehicles are inspected monthly.

Responsibility for scheduling and reserving passenger vans for the Health Science Center is handled by the facilities office. Contact Mary Solorio at ext 2181 for information. The Shuttle Van holds 15 people, including the driver and is wheelchair accessible.

A work order must be entered for vehicle reservations and the driver must be on State Insurance. Please check under the Motorpool Reservations for availability before entering a work order. For instructions on entering a work order for the motorpool click for instructions.

Click for New Work Order Request

If your department needs to add a driver to the University and State Insurance, please fill out the Driver Application Form below and a copy of your drivers license and send to Mary Solorio (mary.solorio@unthsc.edu) at the Facilities Management Building. Once forms are processed, the new driver and their supervisor will be notified.

In case of an accident, please see the Fleet Management Policies and Procedures for instructions and you will need to fill out a Vehicle Incident Report Form.

University Driver Safety Requirements

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