Custodial Services

Our mission is to provide a clean, safe environment for the staff, faculty, students, and public and to provide the highest level of customer service and quality of work in order to support the mission of the University. This is accomplished in two operational phases. 817-735-0116 Jerry Emerson, Custodial Manager Custodial Services

Day Shift Hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday

Day Shift Responsibilities:

  • General policing of interior/exterior campus facilities
  • Spot Cleaning and spill clean up
  • Re-stocking of supplies
  • Pick up and dispose of all trash
  • Delivering supplies campus wide and to outlying facilities.
  • Pick up and disposal of bio hazard materials.
  • Transporting equipment
  • Inventory loading/unloading in warehouse
Day Shift Senior Custodian
Maricruz Pena
Emergency Number
Ext. 2181
Alicia Reyes
Maria Sanchez Eufemia Vigil
Alicia Reyes
Rosaura Pinon
Activity Center & outside buildings – MET
Larry Clark
Center for BioHealth
Esmerelda Hernandez
Bio-hazard pick up/disposal & custodial as need
Nancy Garcia
Deliveries & custodial as needed
Larry Clark
Custodian as needed
Avelina Rubia

Night Shift Personnel Hours: 4:30pm – 1:00am, Monday to Friday

Night Shift Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning all UNTHSC facilities on and off campus
  • Re-stocking of supplies in rest rooms
  • Pick up and disposal of bio hazard materials
  • Pick up and disposal of trash
  • Floor work: carpet cleaning and stripping/waxing

Supervisory personnel for the night shift are as follows:

Mitra Adhikari Senior Custodian
Laura Lugo Senior Custodian
Floor Techs /Custodians
Carlos Berumen Custodial Foreperson
Maria Cook Senior Custodian
MET, SSC. Outer Buildings
Joseph Williams, Senior Custodian

A list of the night shift personnel and their assigned areas are available on request.

For more information regarding the Custodial Department please contact extension 0116.

This page was last modified on June 7, 2018