Locks and Door Services

Locks and Door Services Contact Information

Omar Mireles

Contact Phone: 817-735-0112
E-mail: omar.mireles@unthsc.edu

The Key Shop provides all keys, new locks and lock changes for the Health Science Center. The goal is to create and maintain keying systems that provide security for all Health Science Center Buildings.

The locksmith is currently responsible for

  • The keying and record keeping of all the Health Science Center buildings. A database is maintained to identify what key fits a particular building.
  • The locksmith designs all master keying systems for new construction/renovations as well as re-mastering existing buildings as needed.
  • This shop also provides locksmith services such as re-dying, repairing, lubricating cylinders and or replacing broken locks or closers.

New employees and employees who move offices or departments must submit a Key Request Form. If an employee losses a key they must also submit a Key Request Form and pay a lost key charge of $10 per key to the Campus Police

To request a key please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a key request form located on the Campus Police web site. Key Request Form All requests must identify the building and room number for each key requested. All key requests must have proper authorization and employee ID numbers.
  2. Turn in the form to the Campus Police.
  3. Pick up keys from Campus Police.

Normal turnaround time for a key request is five days once work order is received. Keys are picked up at the Police Department.