Student On-Campus Employment

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth employs HSC students in part-time/hourly on-campus employment in both Work Study and Non-Work Study positions. Working at HSC is foundational for some students to gain additional experience while receiving income to help pay for tuition, supplies and living expenses.

Students: How To Find An On-Campus Job

Visit the UNT System Careers page to find internal-only on-campus positions for HSC Student employment. You must be a current HSC student. Complete your profile and upload the required documents.

I-9 Processing and Onboarding

I-9s are processed in person at the HSC Human Resources office, Monday through Wednesday by appointment only. Appointments can only be scheduled once you have an offer letter from the hiring department, a criminal history check has cleared, and online onboarding has been completed. You must have your original, unexpired I-9 verification documents in hand when you arrive for your appointment.

The I-9 process must be completed on or before the third day of work, in accordance with federal law. Failure to comply with the federal requirements means that you will not be permitted to work for HSC.

Types of Student Employment

  • Hourly Student Employment
    • Student Assistant – general duties.
    • Graduate Research Assistant – working in a lab and/or assisting a research faculty member with duties on a sponsored research project.
    • Federal Work Study (FWS) – general duties. Must be approved for FWS employment.

Weekly Work Hours

Students are limited to 19 hours/week during the Fall and Winter semesters regardless of how many departments the new hire will be working in. The 19 hour per week limit is cumulative if the student holds more than one job on campus. Students may work up to 40 hours during Summer term (while not enrolled in classes) but will need to reduce their hours when the semester begins.

For clarification on work hour limitations and exceptions, please contact HSC Human Resources. For FWS, contact Financial Aid.

International students working more than 20 hours a week on campus during Fall and Spring semesters can jeopardize their visa status. F-1 international students are eligible to work more than 20 hours per week during semester breaks and annual summer vacation. For questions about working as an International student, email HSC Office of International Services or visit their Employment page.


Students: How To Find An Off-Campus Job

Visit the HSC Career Readiness Center to learn about full-time and part-time professional positions and internships with external employers.

Departments: How To Hire A Current HSC Student

For questions, please contact us at or 817-735-2690.
Interested in hiring a Federal Work Study position? Contact HSC Financial Aid.
Interested in hiring an International student? Email HSC Office of International Services.