About Us

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth is a leader in patient-centered education, research and healthcare. HSC Human Resources supports our staff and faculty in their personal and professional growth in the educational, research, and clinical environment. We are committed to living our values and putting our people first.

Your Campus HR Team


Sarah Blackwell, Benefits Advisor, Sarah.Blackwell@untsystem.edu
Angie Schott, Benefits Advisor,  Angela.Schott@untsystem.edu

Compensation / Performance Management

Kareem Crosdale, Sr. Compensation Analyst, Kareem.Crosdale@untsystem.edu
Stacie Fredrickson, Compensation Analyst, Stacie.Fredrickson@untsystem.edu 

Employee Relations

Renetta Nail, HR Director, Renetta.Nail@untsystem.edu
Elizabeth Schwarz, Elizabeth.Schwarz@untsystem.edu
Cindy Cantu, Cindy.Cantu@untsystem.edu
Kimony Carter, Kimony.Carter@untsystem.edu

HR Operations / Talent Acquisition

Michael Cuevas, HR Director, Michael.Cuevas@untsystem.edu
Stacy Bednar, Stacy.Bednar@untsystem.edu
Susan Daurio, Susan.Daurio@untsystem.edu 
Jannica Williams, Jannica.Williams@untsystem.edu
McKenna Erwin, McKenna.Erwin@untsystem.edu

Organizational Development & Engagement

Dr. Dwan Bryant, Dwan.Bryant@untsystem.edu
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Our Address

550 Bailey Avenue, Suite 330
Fort Worth TX 76107
817-735-2690 phone
817-735-0295 fax