ICARE: Residents & Families

Seniors and FamilyPreventing and controlling infections in nursing home communities is important and must be applied to promote maintaining a resident’s overall physical, psychological, and social well-being.

The ICARE lessons and resources below will help you learn:

  • Basic infection prevention and control actions that should be taken by all nursing homes to protect residents, family members, and staff from the spread of germs.
  • The important role of resident rights in promoting infection prevention and the overall well-being or residents.
  • How to engage with nursing home leadership and staff to empower residents in protecting resident rights and promoting person-centered care.

How can ICARE help prevent and control infections while preserving resident rights? Watch the ICARE overview video to learn more.

Several ICARE lessons and resources are available to help residents and family members:

  • Review the main points from each ICARE lesson
  • Better understand resident care roles in the nursing home community
  • Present ICARE lessons in-person at resident or family council meetings

These materials can be accessed here: ICARE Lessons & Resources