ICARE: Ombudsmen & Other Advocates

Person Consoling Senior Woman Holding Her Hand

Long-term care ombudsmen and other advocates play an important role in the physical, psychological, and social well-being of nursing home residents and their families.

The ICARE lessons and resources are available for nursing home advocates to learn and teach:

  • Basic infection prevention and control actions that should be taken by all nursing homes to protect residents, family members, and staff from the spread of germs.
  • The important role of resident rights in promoting infection prevention and the overall well-being or residents.
  • How to engage with nursing home leadership and staff to empower residents in protecting resident rights and promoting person-centered care.

To better understand how ombudsmen can use ICARE to balance infection prevention and resident rights, please complete this short, interactive lesson: ICARE: Overview for Long-Term Care Ombudsmen

Several ICARE lessons and resources are available to help long-term care ombudsmen advocate for resident rights and quality care including infection prevention and control. These materials can be accessed here: ICARE Lessons & Resources