Student Conduct and Civility

The University of North Texas Health Science Center Office of Care and Civility strives to uphold the high academic, professional and community standards of the University while supporting our students develop their ethical decision making skills.

In an event to where a student is alleged to have violated an academic, professional or community standard, the Office of Care and Civility provides a restorative approach within its sanctioning process. This restorative approach is known as: Pathways. Pathways can be used to change the narrative around student conduct and civility by utilizing a restorative process for students when they accept responsibility for violating the Student Code of Conduct. With the pathway option, students who accept responsibility for a policy violation will be provided with developmental opportunities to choose from that will provide autonomy in developing meaning and learning. The sanctions used in the Accountability Pathway are assigned by the Student Conduct Officer and are not optional.

Accountability Pathway

This pathway will provide accountability to the student who has accepted responsibility for a policy violation or to the student whom it has been determined has violated the Student Code of Conduct. This pathway will be selected by the Conduct Officer.

Perspective Pathway

This pathway will allow the student the opportunity to reflect on their decision making to gain personal insight and perspective, allowing students to explore resources to allow them to be a productive member of the UNTHSC community.

Category 1 Perspective Pathways:
- Reflection essay
- Perspective interview
- TED talk and reflection
Category 2 Perspective Pathways:
- Potential employer interview
- Community engagement
- Student created activity



This page was last modified on August 1, 2019