Institutional Integrity and Awareness


About the Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness

Code of conduct reinvention, education/training and policy simplification helps an organization improve its compliance program. However, organization’s that have established values and a strong organizational culture is key to any compliance program. The continued progress and success of a compliance strategy is to create an effective and successful integrity-based approach to the compliance program.

The Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness creates an integrity-based approach program that emphasizes responsibility for ethical behavior and commitment to our Code of Culture. By utilizing this proactive approach, we demonstrate the consistency of our values in action with choices and decisions as an institution and individually.

The Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness will continue to have oversight and management HSC’s Compliance Program which includes policies, clinical compliance, compliance education and training, privacy, investigations, conflict of interest and the Code of Culture.

Please see the table below to learn more about the compliance vs integrity based approach. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Desiree Ramirez, at


Elements Of Compliance


How may we assist you with compliance matters?

Students, employees, patients and others may address a compliance concern the following ways:

  • Discuss it with your Supervisor or Advisor
  • Speak to the SVP Chief Integrity Officer, 817-735-5131
  • Seek guidance or file a report on the HSC Trust Line (formerly the Ethics Hotline)
  • Managers and Supervisors may report issues directly
    • Compliance Report And Management Form – Link


What to expect when you contact the Trust Line

  • You will be treated fairly. In accordance with UNT Health Science Center Non-Retaliation Policy, HSC prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises concerns in good faith. We take this very seriously.
  • You will be treated with respect. We appreciate any and all good faith reports, as they help to keep us at our best. Your concerns will remain confidential.
  • Action will be taken. The Chief Integrity Officer will review the situation and determine if an investigation is required. If so, the investigation will be conducted fairly and objective based on the information provided.

To learn more, visit the Trust Line site  or review the Trust Line Q&A

If you have further questions about the Trust Line, please email




This page was last modified on June 1, 2023