Compliance Advisory Council

The purpose of the Compliance Advisory Council (Compliance Workgroup) is to provide guidance in accordance with UNT System Regulation 2.1000- Compliance and Integrity Program by:

  • Providing advice to the Chief Integrity Officer concerning specific education and training
  • Assisting in identifying compliance risks and controls to mitigate those risks
  • Reviewing results of the annual compliance risk assessment before it is submitted to the Executive Compliance Committee
  • Assisting in reviewing the annual compliance work plan before adoption

Member Responsibility

Each member of the Compliance Advisory Council shall be responsible for establishing an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and compliance with its legal obligations. Members shall:

  • Be responsible for complying with all applicable federal and state laws and adhere to the HSC Employee Ethics and Standard of Conduct and policies
  • Strive to hold yourself and other HSC members accountable to the Values
  • Be responsible for meeting and complying with any reporting requirements

• Systematically identify and address risks so that employees and students are aware of their ethical and compliance responsibilities


Compliance Advisory Council

This page was last modified on May 19, 2023