Institute for Molecular Medicine


Vision: To unlock etiological commonalities and identify novel therapies of human diseases.

Mission: To study human diseases in a multidisciplinary, collaborative and translational manner and advance Precision Medicine.

The Institute of Molecular Medicine is directed by Dr. Robert Barber. There are currently 32 faculty in the institute, who are associated with three research Centers.

Center for Cancer Research

The Center for Cancer Research, which is focused on developing translational approaches to identify molecular and immunotherapeutic methods for cancer treatment and prevention, is directed by Dr. Paul Bowman, an accomplished and highly respected clinician focusing on pediatric oncology. Dr. Bowman also serves as the Chair of Pediatrics in TCOM.

Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases

The Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases has outstanding basic and translational studies on various aspects of infections and host response and is led by Johnny He, a well-known and highly respected researcher whose research focuses on the study of HIV/HCV basic virology and pathogenesis in the central nervous system.

Center for Medical Genetics

The Center for Medical Genetics, which includes topical areas such as pharmacogenomics and microbiome research, is directed by Dr. Michael Allen, a successful microbial geneticist whose research addresses the impact of the endogenous microbiome on human health and disease as well as the biology of tick borne diseases.

The institute is governed by an Executive Committee, comprised of the Executive Director as chair, along with the Center Directors. In addition, an internationally acclaimed research Program in Fluorescence and Nanotechnology is housed in the Institute.



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